Wednesday, July 21, 2010

150! ..posts that is...

I feel extra "dressed up" with this shirt on. I think its the fabric. I dont usually get caught up by assigning a fabric as "dressy".. maybe sometimes, like a sequins but even then it can still not be "dressy". But I thought wearing this shirt with a jean skirt would make it a little more casual. Not really.. I think its the way the sleeves are made too. Thoughts???
Today's Outfit
floral shirt - FashionBug
jean skirt - FashionBug
black belt - LB Outlet
silver crown necklace - one of the first gifts from Hubby
blue patent leather shoes - macys [Enzo]
Although I think that these shoes are cute. I never put them on. Who knows why.. I have a few items in my closet that are cute, I like to wear them, they are even comfortable [ I have been purging all of the cute stuff thats NOT comfortable], but I never seem to be able to remember to put them on. I always go to the old trusty items.. the reliablestuff, yall know what I mean. I think my accessories are worst.. I have a gazillion accessiries that I never rummage through to put on. But its nice stuff (*wink* - Cuzzin Nikki,lol)!


MuSiCmAdNeSs said...

You look "Fabulous" babe, I really like the shoes!

Maria said...

dressy or not, you look great! You are working the jean skirt, it looks amazing on you, and i agree I really like the shoes too!

Eve said...

Big Congrats on your 150 Posts!! I love em!

You do look FAB in this outfit!
ANd those shoes are really really really nice. And with all those clothes and accessories that you don't wear, you need to do a giveaway so that I can win them! hahaaa :D All the best K.

Pretty Fearless said...

Love Your Blog!!