Friday, July 9, 2010

Weekend Recap - And Today

Heeeeyyyy.. I'M BAAACK!!! and glad to see that the blogworld is still going strong with great fashion to inspire me.. Good job ladies.

Well, I dont have a monday outfit pic listed because we were driving home from my vacay. So I will post the monday outfit pic along with a flashback of the vacay.. which was soo awesome, ofcourse!!! I cant wait to share all the pics.

I started out wearing a new outfit to work on Tues. But as the week progressed, I realized that I was wearing black and white the entire week.. with the exception of Tues.. so this week is a pseudo

denim dress - Ross
sandals - NineWest
handbag - Coah
necklace - Avenue
black tank - LaneBryant
skirt - NY&Co
white cardi - FashionBug
belt - RainbowPlus
shoes - Payless
(sorry for the lighting on this pic)
black capri leggins - Macys
polkadot tunic - Macys
shoes - NY&Co
white capri leggins - RainbowPlus
dress (as tunic) - Ross [NC]
rose bracelet - Andie's Accessory Giveaway
So which day is your favorite!


Nikki said...

Looking good!

BBM said...

girl! i have the same denim dress from ross ... lol. u look fab and i think that one is my fave! have a fun weekend hun! xoxo!

Eve said...

Wow, you look great each day! But I think I have to say Tues and Fri are my favorites. Hmmm, maybe Friday slightly edges it. Great shots!