Thursday, July 22, 2010

Last minute change of heart

This is not the look that I had pulled for today. I had something totally different in mind, but a package came in the mail last night that game me a change of heart.
I got this dress while I was on vacation. Its actually a strapless. But when I bought it, I thought it may be a little short to wear to work, so I envisioned this look as I was contemplating buying the dress.. When I got home I ordered the denim leggins and voile'! [they arrived last night] I usually will wear leggins to work with my shorter dresses.. but when I put this one on this morning.. I thought, hmmm, this isnt that short. I could probably wear this without the leggins. Im sure next time, it will be worm legginless, lol!
Today's Outfit
jean jacket - JCPenny
dress - Ross
denim leggins - LaneBryant
shoes - Target
"go to" floral necklace - Avon


Beth said...

This may be my favorite outfit that I have seen you in. So cute and Youthful.

Renée T. Bouchard said...

I agree with Beth- this is one of my faves for sure. I love the color, the print- all of it! :)