Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Talking can shift your paradigm

I talked to some friends yesterday and they really helped me change my persepctive (paradigm) on my sad mood.. so Im doing better. I think it will still take some adjustment, but eventually, I'll get over it.. and release it from my mind. I am still LOVE.

This outfit was one that I had selected for my South Carolina vacation but I didnt get a chance to wear it. There were only a few outfits that I didnt get to wear. Although my bags were HUGE!!! ... I still wore most of the stuff in it, eventhough it looked like I over packed. I cant remember the last time I packed for a week long.. I think my honeymoon, but that was more dresses, bathing suits and lingerie.. not to heavy at all, lol!

Today's Outfit
shoes - Ross
white capris - AshleyStewart
paisley top - Marshall's
necklace - Cancun, Mexico

I really like the look of white pants, white jeans and whte capris. there is something crisp and clean about them that I love. My problem is that I have the hardest time finding a pair that are reasonable priced that fit well and are well constructed. This pair from AshleyStewart has done me pretty well.. We'll see what they do next year when I pull them out.. in the meantime, I am in search of white jeans... a cute , slim pair with stretch!


Eve said...

I'm glad to hear that your friends were able to lift your spirits. They got your back. :D

I love the pretty top you're wearing. I just resisted the temptation to purchase white jeans today :D I'm hoping to drop a few, so am holding out.

Renée T. Bouchard said...

My favorite white jeans are from Old Navy- the Sweetheart style. It's a boot cut, but fitted- and they have great stretch to them.

Bianca said...

Beautiful! I love this top and the white bottoms.

Taylor said...

LOVE this look! That top is amazing; the print and colors! And the white capris are great.