Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A cardi just for work

Here is another of the dresses that I purchased for vacation.. but this one never even made it into the suitcase.
Today's Outfit
dress - Rainbow Plus
white cardi (to stay warm at work) - FashionBug
long necklace - ??
floral necklace - Avon
flat sandals - Payless

Friday night Hubby took me to dinner at Dogwood loated in Hampden. It was a really nice experience. The food is all organic and from local farmers. I could have added a little salt to the food, but overall it was really nice. Oysters was a mainstay on the menu. Not my favorite, but we did try the baked oyster appetizer. However, the decor was so fun!

Im not sure if I mentioned it... but Hubby got "us" a new car last week [His words, not mine, lol]. He bought the new Nissan Maxima and this baby comes with all the bells and whistles. He let me take it out for the day on saturday, and it was a pretty nice ride. I went to visit Grandma at her new house, until the old house is repaired from the fire back in May. And, well Grandma is doing well and all moved in. I took her out for a little shopping and plenty of laughs.
Saturday Outfit
shoes - Ross
jean capris - Macys
shirt - Macys
I had a on a really cute bracelet too, but you cant even see it.. so its not worth mentioning.
Then, Saturday night, I watched a movie with my sister. She was looking so cute, I had to add her pic to the blog. She had spent the day with one of her friends doing some home decor shopping.
Sis Saturday Outfit
strapless top - LaneBryant
floral skirt - NY&Co
shoes - FashionBug


Missy M said...

I love this post! Thanks for sharing x I’ve just come across your blog and I love it! Will be stopping by from now on x

Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

Maria said...

you look great! that is one awesome car too. Oh, and I really like that necklace.

Eve said...

Those necklaces together like that is so chic, nice looking car too. Little sis was looking fly, and you both have the same lovely smile.

Dannie said...

I Love Cardigans!!! I guess I have to being as though I wear them everyday to work to cover this darn tattoo! LOL

The embellished ones are hotttt!