Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why wait??? .. - Eshakti Review

So I was offered to review an item for eShakti. And when I was asked, I was totally elated. As we all know how much I like their styles and craftsmanship. I blogged about them here and here.
I selected this dress to review, and I must admit the experience was awesome!!! I LOVE this dress. I got it in the mail yesterday, and I was so excited to wear it that I could hold off on this one, I had to wear it today.
So here is my REVIEW:
PROS : This dress fits amazing. I love how it feels and it really is perfect in all the places that I tend to have issues with other garments (ie arm hole to large, or not fitting properly in the top). The color is perfect and I love the flowers at the shoulder. The black bands hit at the perfect location to cinch in my waist and are very comfortable. This is a goodversatile dress for day or night. It feels very comfortable on and it was a great choice.
CONS: Mostly the cons for this dress are all my fault. As you can see I have on a pair of crop leggins. When I ordered the dress, I said that I wanted it to hit me mid thigh (I ordered the dress 'Above the knee').. bad choice, clearly this was a misjudgement on my part because eShakti sent me the dress exactly as I requested (thats a good thing ofcourse). But I think its a little to short [on me], especially for work so I wore leggins. If I wasnt going to work I would have worn the dress without the leggins (maybe). I think I will be sure to request that all my future dresses/skirts are atleast knee length or mid-calf in some cases depending on the dress. Previously I had issue with non-existant linning on the skirt I reviewed. This dress could have had a linning too, but its not needed as was the case for the skirt. But it would have been a nice bonus to the construction of the dress. The last thing, Im not sure about is, how will this dress hold up after washing. I will let you know.
And since we are considering virtual shopping. Here are a few more items that I would love to have from eShakti. And I will probably order a few more dresses before the summer is over. some of these styles I have liked since I first found their website.
(All photos from eshakti.com)


I BLEED PINK said...

I've been thinking about placing an order with this company. The dress you picked out is super cute!!

EvaNadine said...

this dress is beautiful!
i really need to save up my pennies and make a purchase from this company.
yknow, unless they wanted to offer something for me to review for free also... *puts vibes out into the universe*

L. Michelle said...

OMG. This dress is absolutely GORGEOUS. I have visited the site and they have tons of royal blue, so yes indeed, I will be ordering from there SOON!!

Just started following your blog, thanks so much!

Courtney said...

Gorgeous dress! I have thought about ordering from eShakti many times, but haven't quite mustered up the courage. I have heard both really good, and not so really good things about their garments, so I have a hard time placing an order with them. But they do have so many cute designs!
Loving The Reflection

Eve said...

Adorable dress. I love the black stripes on the waist. It looks great with leggings. I would totally rock that.