Friday, June 4, 2010

slowly coming back ...

Thanks so much for all of your prayers and kind words. Hubby and I really appreciate the love!

I really want to join the Summer Capsule Wardrobe Challenge next week, so I may be able to post a few pics. we'll see.. that depends if I even go some place to wear clothes.. but I guess I have gotten dressed to go no where before, so I can surely do it again. I have gone a few places, just didnt post pics. I wasnt really in the mood to 'smile for the camera'... so maybe next week will be better.

Anyway, we really appreciate the kind words and prayers.

Eventhough I wasnt making any posts. I have been checking you all out (and making a few comments). And as usual you have been ROCKIN IT!!! Congrats to the bloggers at the LB Conference. However, I looked at the list of attendees, and I must admit, Im not fully sure why some of them are there. I guess having alot of followers is a start.. but I ask - what makes you follow a blogger OR not follow a blogger? How do you decide? I guess it depends on why you are blogging personally that makes the difference but I would love to hear why you follow certain bloggers.

I took the music off from my blog. I think it was getting a little overwhelming to hear it each time you view my blog. But here is a song that I got from Yammering Muse. It made her smile.. and it did the same for me... enjoy!


Nefertiti said...

se qui me fait suivre un blog :

l interret des choses postes d abord (j adore les tenues du jour par exemple...)

si je sens que la posteuse est sympa

si biensur elle passe aussi sur votre blog laissee un com de temps en temps,la reciproque est toujours sympa..

et si il n y a pas de lecteur qui s enclenche automatiquement,sinon si ca m interresse vraiment je coupe les hauts parleurs avant

parce que c est vraiment une engeance pour moi les lecteurs qui partent tout seuls,grrr

voilatu sais tou,prends bien soins de toi ;O)

I BLEED PINK said...

I am so happy to hear your doing better!

I think I follow a certain blog, because I like what that blogger has to offer. I follow all types of blogs, but there is something about the blogger or the content that always brings me back for more.

Beth said...

I like following blogs from people who have different styles than I do. I am so inspired by seeing what people are wearing and I totally channel them when i am dressing for the day.

I also Like bloggers who don't take themselves too seriously. I like bloggers who think of other bloggers as "friends" as apposed to bloggers who seem to think they are celebrities.

Does that make sense? It is hot today...I'm not thinking straight.

Now rest up- I need to see some cute outfit posts from you!

BBM said...

hey love, nice to see you back and im glad ure joining the summer wardrobe challenge.

ive been praying for you. hope that says enough.


Kimberly said...

I subscribe to a wide variety of blogs, but I like the ones that are "smaller" and more personal best. I agree with Beth above - I like to read bloggers that I feel are "friends" (and I hope my readers feel that way about my blog too).

Since I was at the Lane Bryant Blogger Conference I will jump in on your comment, "I must admit, Im not fully sure why some of them are there". Lane Bryant's goal was to pull together an eclectic group of bloggers - not just daily outfit/fashion blogs. If you look at the list there is a range of commercial and personal blogs that span in topic from focusing of plus size models, being the best woman you can be, mommy blogger, social media experts, in addition to more fashion based blogs. In the end, the mix was great to bring up a multitude of issues to the VPs/Merchants of LB and more.

Totally Inspired said...

Thanks Kimberly for your feedback on the attendees from the LB Conference. I must admit, I guess I was under a different impression of the purpose of the conference, therefore I was confused about some of the attendees. And ofcourse as I mentioned, I guess folks follow blogs that they are most interested in and the interest are based on why they themselves started blogging. So the same goes for LB, they brought a group together that could provide a range of comments/questions/topics based on a variety of LB areas of concern or interest.

Dannie said...

I follow many types of blogs and there are many reasons why I keep coming back to some....but sometimes the conversations on many of them can be a BIG TURN OFF!

And if your blogsite is slow and ridden with pop up ads...I CAN'T DEAL! LOL