Wednesday, March 31, 2010

eShakti - UPDATE ... and gone for the WEEKEND!

This is the skirt that my BFF got me for my birthday from eShakti. I really like the skirt but it does have a few flaws. Here are my pros and cons:

PROS - The print is really cute and the fabric is very sturdy. The cut is cute as a buttons and makes for a very versatile skirt - versatile from day to evening. This skirt was made with an elastic back and a wide waistband in the front. Excellent for eating out, lol! No really, that is a nice detail in case there are issues with sizing.

CONS - This skirt really needs a lining. I think a lining in this skirt would have made it ten times better. The fabric is a little to sheer, and most of the times I dont wear slips (although I do own a few, I still wasnt able to find one that would fit this length of skirt). Basically, you almost have to layer this skirt over another skirt, but I wasnt doing that this morning, maybe another day. So I know I made this a PRO, but the elastic waist band in the back could be a CON too because, it doesnt really stay in one place. It tends to ride up in the back and I have been tugging at it all morning. I think a sturdier zipper might have made for a better fit in this instance.

Today's Outfit
eShakti skirt
Red tank - LaneBryant
Black cardi - FashionBug
belt - Torrid

So, would I order from them again... Yup, most likely yes. I am about to order another item, a dress this time and I will be doing a review on that as well when it arrives. So check back fro that review too. Overall if you had been thinking about ordering from eShakti, I would suggest to go ahead and try it. The items are well made (hopefully I wont be doing another review of this skirt after it goes through the laundry) and they have an excellent shipping time. We didnt wait long at all. Ha haaa.. you noticed I said, "WE" because she got the cutest skirt too. Maybe she will wear it for you all and let me do a review. The skirt she ordered is reaaaaalllllyyy short, but still cute!

FYI Ladies and Gents - I leave for a mini vacation tomorrow. Im going to Memphis, TN. So this is probably the last most until after the weekend. Unless I just miss you all so much and I sneak down to the business center for an update.. we'll see! TTYL - Enjoy your weekend.. and expect some fun photos when I return!!!


Anonymous said...

The same thing happened with the DP dress my aunt ordered for me. Read more about it in a couple weeks!!!

I BLEED PINK said...

This is good to know. I just got a coupon from them for 10 off.

BBM said...

i do love the print on that skirt ... good review! cute necklace too! have an awesome time in memphis and i hope u do miss us and check in! jk ... no pressure at all, have a blast girl! cant wait to see ure pics!


Monique said...

I love the print! But, I can understand the annoying part of it riding up in the back. :(

Nishant said...

simply gorgeous
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Maria said...

I love your new hairdo and I'm loving all of your recent outfits. The print on this is very pretty and versatile. Also, the printed cardigan you wore for your bookclub anniversary (congrats, btw) is great.

Enjoy your mini-vacation!

Lesa said...

I have been wondering about eShakti. Their clothes are cute but I have heard pros and cons.

Just found your site, love it because you are beautiful and not thin as a stick. Iam going to add you to my blog list, if you have time will you check mine out. I could use some pointers! Happy Easter!

EvaNadine said...

very cute print on this skirt!
i have heard so much about this company, so i am super interested to hear about your next purchase!

i have nominated you for an award!
check out my blog to pick it up.

BBM said...

i miss u mrs. hall! :-(