Saturday, June 19, 2010

My First Hair Cut

ok ok.. not me.. its my sister, but she let ME (who has never cut hair before, nor ever been to cosmetology school) cut her hair. I tried to get her to let me take a before pic (which would have made these pics waaaaay more dramatic) but she didnt like the hair before.. so she wanted no reminder of what it looked like.

She posted on her facebook status "I am about to let Kameel cut my hair, this should be interesting" One person responded.. "you must not like your hair very much" .. we thought that was HILARIOUS.. and true.. she is not connected or attached to hair at all. She said if it didn't turn out right, she would just add some more (a weave) or cut it shorter. But she liked it enough to keep it until tomorrow.. so we will see what the verdict is then. I'll keep you posted.. But I liked it. and she did too (when she left my house).


Bianca said...

I think it looks really pretty. You did a great job on the back. No idea what the before looked like, but I think she should keep it! :-)

Eve said...

I also think you did a great job. Question is, would you allow yourself to cut your own hair? :D hahaaa