Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today I give you ...

... multiple poses, lol.
Today's Outfit
shoes - Avon
brown capris (with cute side buttons) - AshleyStewart
orange peasant top (and its a size to big) - LaneBryant Outlet
belt - from my BFFs romper
necklace - Avon

I am almost packed for vacation. I have all my pretty sundresses, a few capris (jean, white, black) and tshirt. Tonight and tomorrow, I will add in the jewelry, shoes and necessities.
Also, I got my hair done last night..."vacation hair" but it was to big to wear out to work. Maybe tomorrow I will wear it out, since I will be on cruise control (lol) to my vacation (eventhough I have a day full of meetings tomorrow).


Nefertiti said...

pas de vacances encore pour moi cette annee,profite bien des tiennes pour moi surtout ;O)

nurmisur said...

I usually like your outfits and this one is no diferent.
As I'm also packing for vacations I'm curious to know what you packed.Can you give us a sneak peack?
Hope you have a wonderful time.

Renée T. Bouchard said...

You look great in vibrant colors and that coral is no exception! :)

Eve said...

LOVE this look. You look great in orange. The belt and shoes are great, they match the necklace too. Do it girl!