Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vacation Packing

Hi readers, I need some help. I am packing for a week long vacation and I need some packing ideas.
First we will be at the family reunion in Rocky Mount, North Carolina for the weekend.

Then we will be spending a week at Berkeley Hall near Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Since we are so close, we plan to take a day trip over to Savannah, Georgia.

I need your help...
What should I pack????


Renée T. Bouchard said...

Nothin' but sandals and sundresses! That's what I'd do! :)

Bianca said...

NATURAL FABRICS!!! Think cotton and linen girl. It is hot and HUMID right now!!!

Maria said...

Definitely something you can stay cool in, but also bug spray and sunscreen. IDK, that's what I always have on me. Oh, and maybe a cute hat to keep the sun at bay.

Didi said...

maxi-dresses, comfy sandals, sunglasses and humidity-proof easy makeup!

Sabrina said...

dresses, dresses, dresses! They are easy and can be dressed up or down. Bring flip flops, sandals, and a pair of heels.

In order to "dress" up your dress, don't forget the accessories.