Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Still no pics... 1/20/2010

I am really getting frustrated with not being able to post my pics... Actually, 1.) the pics never seem to come out right when I take the pic and 2.) I got hubby to take the pic, but its clearly all the wrong angles.. so this is just a frustrating process.. Now, i have been coming up with some great fashion combinations .. much thanks to "my sistahs in fashion", lol.. but i cant even let you all see them.. Oh well.. imma get me a camera tripod soon, and maybe i can get my mojo going on the photos... so I'll be posting pics soon... until then

Todays outfit (clearly this is no fun at all.. but here goes)
red turtleneck with really cute details - (Fashion Bug.. supersale $8)
black and grey leopard cardi (Fashion Bug)
black slacks (also Fashion Bug $20.. do we see a pattern here.. they had a good sale, lol)
red boots (NineWest)

So ladies.. how do you take your pics?? do you use a tripod? or does someone else take the pics for you?


BBM said...

red boots??? sounds hotttt! :-P I take my pics with a wall mirror, as you can probably tell. just have to make sure that theres plenty of natural light in the room and i turn off the flash in my digi cam. hope this helps!

evanadine said...

i saw that you are following my blog -- welcome! i have only just gotten started myself, so maybe you can learn from my missteps when it comes to fashion blogging!

i have a little gorilla pod that can latch onto just about anything and thats what i use to take my photos myself. (the ones from the other day by the fireplace are where dear fiance took my photos and i think i do a better job on my own!

i recommend taking photos outside, as natural light really does make you look your best. (i learned this very quickly) it is worth 5 minutes outside for a much better picture!

finally, just play with poses -- take lots of pictures at as many angles as you can think of. soon, you will figure out which ones help you look your best, and you will naturally start working those angles.

in the end, some of us just arent going to look like fashion models in our blogs (myself included!) and yknow, thats ok! we are real people.

BBM said...

just replying to ure recent comment --

Saksinthecity says that their regular sizes and not to worry. I've ordered some UK and AUS clothing before and theyre definitely true to size. UK clothes are awesome girl... they don't play around! And they definitely need to bring down some of their stores down here! They even have H&M Plus! Can you believe? So not fair! :-P Just make sure to always check the sizing chart in their websites so you'll know the correct sizing conversions. But I definitely hear you about US junior plus sizes sometimes ... its tricky! I do find Macys and Torrid Junior sizes are true to size. I'm glad you tried the wall mirror thing! Can't wait to see those pics and the launch @ ASOS tomorrow!

Totally Inspired said...

thxs ladies. I got hubby to take a pic of me tonight and it didnt come out to bag. SO i will figure out how to post it

BBM - I love the H&M Plus section. I found it on a vacation in Canada a few years ago.. I cant wait for tomorrow to check out the launch!

Enchanted Monkey said...

I have found that for every 15 pictures I take of myself (I recently figured out how to put my digital camera on a table top tripod that I bought for about $7 at CVS pharmacy), 1 comes out good! And that is just of my face. If we are talking about full body, that would be 1 out of every 50. My boobs overtake every picture.

I can't figure out how to follow your blog!

Totally Inspired said...

Thanks Erica .. now i cant wait to see your face on one of these blogs...maybe you can take a full body pic of yourself in your favorite, cutest outfit... and I will guest blog you (like I did for my BFF) on my page.. whadda ya say????

Enchanted Monkey said...

Next time I am dressed to go out, I will take pictures and be a guest blogger. :-) I would love that!