Friday, January 15, 2010

Raven's Chic

Well today was "Purple Friday" here in Baltimore. Although I am not really a footbal fan, but I play one on tv, I had on my Raven's Purple. Im still working on getting the photos up, but today I have on :
black tank top (Ashley Stewart)
skinny jeans (Macys)
long purple cardigan (Avenue)
black belt (Ashley Stewart)
black boots (NineWest)

I need to figure out that polyvore site. That would atleast help to show my outfits.

So as I surf the blogger fashion world, I was looking at what things I need to add to my wardrobe. I have figured out that first I need some long sleeve tshirts for layering. I surely wish I could find one with the stripes like Kimberly's fashion in this blog ..cute cute cute! Thats the score that I am really looking for. I think I will venture out to Old Navy or some place to look for some tshirts this weekend.

Have a great weekend! Go Ravens!!!
(ha ha)


BBM said...

Your outfit today sounds super cute! Definitely try Old Navy. I'm hunting for the black/white stripe long sleeve too ... let me know where you find it! Happy Shopping! :-)

Kimberly said...

What was that, Go Colts?! Just kidding! :-)

As for the stripe shirts - - I have a couple from Old Navy that I've purchased over the past 1 1/2 years, plus have found them at Target and Meijer. Also, I just bought this one in blue/white from Lane Bryant (haven't debuted it yet).

I am a complete sucker for stripes! Good luck shopping!

Totally Inspired said...

Thanks Ladies! I did the online thing for the staple tshirts at OldNavy (no plus size in store.. but I sometimes will shop the mens section and maternity [not pregnant yet] for staple items..ssshhhhh) Didnt find the black and white. Still looking.

Thanks Kimberly for the LB link. (... and you won the game.. congrats!)

I did score a few good finds both online and instore at JCPenny, Ashley Stewart, Old Navy, and Fashion Bug.