Friday, January 29, 2010

New Work ID

So, today I have to go take a new photo id for work. I work for the state as an engineering project manager for highway planning projects. Since i got married more than a year ago now.. i still have not gotten a new ID.. although, I have tried to get a new ID 2 or 3 times so far.. the first time, I didnt have my drivers license changed so they wouldnt accept changing my work ID.. the next time, I got the paper signed, but I let it expire.. and i think i did that the third time too.. but today!!! i am going to get it... wish me luck..

I figured that this would be an outfit that i would like to see over and over again for a very long time.. i even add some makeup today... hopefully that will help the picture some too..
Todays Outfit
pink cardi - Avenue
creme tank - Ashley Stewart
denim pants - Avenue
clogs - Nordstrom

and I have on pink socks, lol.. i like to wear colored socks or striped socks or printed socks.... its like a secret that only I know.. except when i have on clogs (like today) and you can see my heels... lol... or when i take my shoes off ofcourse..

and this was my coat.. i luv luv this coat. it ha ssuch girly details...
OK.. so I have all these fancy cameras.. but the pics are still turning out grainy.. what settings are folks using for their pics? what do I need to change.. some of the other blogs that I have seen have some of the best pics.. Imma have to see whats out there .. i know someone has written an article.. has a webpage.. or created a youtube about taking good blogger pics... when i figure it out.. maybe I will make an article, webpage (probably not).. or a youtube!!!
have a great day ladies.. and gents (hi hubby!!! I know your reading, lol)


BBM said...

you look radiant this morning! this color does wonders for you. where did you get the coat??? love!

Totally Inspired said...

Thanks so much!
The coat came from Nordstrom (online)

BBM said...

nordies ... gotcha! i love the coat and just a tip -- boyfriend cardis are on sale now at old navy ... 10-12 bucks ... all colors, and they got room to groove! bought a couple this week ... hehe!

Totally Inspired said...

ooohhhh.. i am going to get me some.. !!!!

Mavis said...

Love the pink. That is a wonderful color.

Totally Inspired said...

Thxs Mavis.. welcome to my blog... come back and visit often. lol!