Tuesday, January 26, 2010

statement necklace anyone?

Well, this is the coat that I wore today.. its probably waaay to bright for this color dress.. but i felt bright and sunny, i guess... The coat is actually orange, but it looks coral in the pics..
Dress - Rainbow Plus
Belt - Ashley Stewart
Tights - Nordstrom
Necklace - Ashley Stewart
Boots - Macys

So, this is the statement necklace.. i really think it was a wrong choice for today.. its to big.. and a little gaudy..and its so big that my neck was hurting halfway through the day... but you know how we do.. i stuck it out and refused to take it off until i got home.aaaahh, relief.. not sure if you all will get to see this one again.. this necklace may go in the giveaway bag.
Was this the wrong necklace? what would you have worn with this dress and outfit?


BBM said...

u are funny! of course we ladies stick with it until we get home ... hahaha! i would've done just a black dress with it. oh! what about some washed jeans, black v-neck with black boyfriend blazer??? shut it down! don't you think? :-) dont worry though ... u still rocked it!

evanadine said...

i dont think theres anything wrong with the necklace itself. i think pairing the necklace with the belt created a busy front to the outfit. maybe next time try either the necklace OR the belt.
i bet this necklace would look great with a simple button-up and some jeans (our trousers for work) and maybe a cardi left upbuttoned...

Enchanted Monkey said...

Just got back from Lord and Taylor where I returned a beautiful red dress and gorgeous pair of earrings so I can afford my new glasses (is seeing REALLY that important?!) Anyway, while I was there I picked up a wide black belt...INSPIRED BY YOU!! It is by Calvin Klein, patent leather and it cost (*gasp*) $42+tax! I wanted to buy the one they had in red also but I could not do it...if they been on sale, I would have just bought them both.

I went over to Claire's afterwards thinking I could find a cheap black belt (I mean, really, who is going to know I paid almost $50 for that belt?!) but became mesmerized by their burlesque-looking headbands and bought 6 of them!

So, apparently, when I am a guest blogger, I will probably look like a cross between Bettie Page, a burlesque dancer and a can-can girl! LMAO

Totally Inspired said...

Whew..50 BUCKS!! well thats alot for a belt.. and you are right, no one will know, unless its a total statement belt. and has some great detail. I saw a few in Express this weekend.. but they are to small for me.. HOWEVER, i did run across a pretty nice find on clearance at The Limited.. they had 2 belts (black and brown) that came in large... they fit so cute.. imma have to go back tomorrow and get them.. i tried to wait it out and see if it was something that i really wanted.. and i think i do!

i cant wait to see your finds.. i am sure it will be really cute, lol!!!

Andie said...

I think this outfit is great on you- without the necklace. I also think that the cowl neck is big enough that you don't really need a necklace- but you could wear some chandelier earrings for balance and a little bling! pretty color!