Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's finally time! - I am totally inspired

So the wedding is over.. and we have officially celebrated our first anniversary on November 7. Nope.. i didn't write one blog entry since I got started.. but here we are again.. lets try this year and see what we get.

SO, this is where it started.... I gained about 30 pounds since the wedding, which is probably the same 30 pounds that I lost before the wedding. Now, I have not been a small lady, I am rather voluptuous, but it was pretty nice to be 30 pounds lighter..BUT the fashion selections were not that much better 30 pounds ago... ok ok.. I'm rambling.. the point is.. I lost the weight not by the best means.. so when the weight came back, although I knew it would.. I wasn't feeling very good about it. It made me really sad and frustrated as well cuz there was nothing that looked like me.. it was all plus size old lady stuff.. I started out looking for other "loose weight quick schemes" and I found out about Sensa.. I was on the web surfing trying to find out if folks had any success OR serious side effects (I still haven't figured it out, but I am done with the idea).. and I FOUND THE BEST MOTIVATION A PLUS SIZE WOMEN COULD FIND.... other beautiful plus size women.. who are seriously workin it with the fashion!!! .. I was so excited when I started reading the blogs of Kimberly and Fashion Addict Now I have always been a lover of fashion.. (even as a teen when i was much smaller). So as soon as I saw these fashion blogs.. all i could think was.. HEY, KAMEEL.. SNAP OUT OF IT!!! YOU CAN DO THAT!!!! I showed hubby the blogs and he was really excited for me. He could tell that this was something that I needed and had been looking for .. and here I am !!!

so here we are.. maybe I will be able to keep up with you ladies in my blogging. but i have to be diligent about it.. and although i want to really bad, my blogging track record hasn't been too good... lets see where I go from here..

Oh, and today's outfit was really cute.. as have my outfits been for the past week when I found these fashion blogs. Thanks ladies.. I am totally inspired!!!

Pics soon... but todays outfit was:
Peach Cardigan (Jan 2010 -Avenue $20)
Brown riding pants *perfect fit (Dec 2009 - Lane Bryant $20)
Green tank and pearl necklace (Ashley Stewart $10)
Brown Boots (NineWest)


Enchanted Monkey said...

Hi! Erica here. I am not into fashion at all...but I am going to read your blog and get to know YOU. One thing that others might relate to is no matter how thin I have been (even a size 6!), my calves NEVER fit into the boots that regular stores sell. I always have to go on line to find "wide calf" boots and they are never very attractive...

Of course, I am dying to know how you UNHEALTHILY lost the 30 pounds to begin with!

Totally Inspired said...

the 30 pound loss was from the B6/B-12 injections. I had to get the shots twice a week. and I had to go on a diet that limited sugars. Basically the process puts your body into what is called Ketosis and you loose weight quickly.. I was down 30 pounds (and counting) in maybe 6-9mos. And then after about a year, the cost of getting the injections was taking a toll on my finances, my hair started shedding really bad.. so I thought it maybe a good idea to cut back.. then the wedding was over.. and then I wanted to start preparing my body to have a baby. I just didnt feel comfortable with having a baby based on the extra chemicals in my body,so i stopped.. and then all the weight came right back! ( and i think it was plus a few pounds too).. I was really frustrated at first.. and it was a little depressing.. but what i realized was that, i was fine with my weight before i lost 30 pounds.. why was i stressing so much now that it was gone.. i kind of felt like the whole weight loss was not good anyway, especially if it made me feel like that afterwards... so now.. i have to excercise, and eat a better diet.. and see how i can loose some weight that way.

Totally Inspired said...

Oh.. and i ordered a few wide calf boots from this place.... i'll have to find the link.. but they were the worst quality ( to me).. and the calf wasnt even that wide really.. they didnt fit.. the calf was a little wider.. but the ankle was twice as big.. i guess i have wide calfs but regular ankles.. so i sent two pair back!