Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Best Friend Blog 1

So this is one of my BFFs.. she wasnt ready to actually blog herself so she asked me to write something.. maybe next time she will write this segment. But any who... I have known her since the 7th grad. yea, a loooooong time... she is really one of my fashion buddies.. she gets me in waaaay to much shopping trouble.. its amazing though.. cuz sometimes we have exactly the same fashion taste.. and then other times we are polar opposites... maybe she will share some of her fashions with you all later...
BFF outfit
Black dress - NY & Co
Pink turtle neck - NY&Co
Grey/black faded long cardi - Fashion Bug
Black tights - Nordstrom
Black boots - NineWest


BBM said...

another cutie on the loose! you guys stay out of trouble now .. :-P

Sabrina said...

I have been eyeing this ombre sweater at fashion bug (online) for awhile and wasn't sure about it till now. your BFF looks great in it!