Thursday, January 21, 2010

outfit 1/21/2010

outfit 1/21/2010
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finally .. an outfit.. this is waaaay more technical than i thought to get this photo on here.. i may have to post all my weeks photos at one time.. hold on ladies.. but i will get the hang of this soon.

Today's Outfit

Black dress (LaneBryant)

Long Pink Cardi (Avenue)

Black studded belt (Ashley Stewart)

Alfani knee boots (Macys)


BBM said...

black and berry! my fave! look at you, you cutie-pie! awesome first pic! ure workin it girl, with that studded belt. mmm-hhh! yum!

Totally Inspired said...

Thanks so much BBM.. its all the ladies out here in the fashion blog world (including you ofcourse) that give me inspiration .. and make this clothing thing feel fun again!!!

Enchanted Monkey said...

WOW!!! You look awesome!!!! After only reading a couple of days, I am kind of rethinking my lack of interest in fashion...

I watch WHAT NOT TO WEAR all the time because they tell the women how to look their best and what makes the outfit slimming.