Thursday, January 28, 2010

OOpsy Thursday

Today's outfit was another summer remix.. this is an old skirt that I have had for awhile.. and since we are pulling out summer items and wearing them in the winter, i thought this was a perfect skirt...
Today's Outfit
Black sweater - Target
Summer print skirt - Macys
Booties - Nine West
Tights - Nordstrom
Yellow pashmina - hmmmm, maybe a stand in the mall.. who knows

Now here is the "oopsy"... ... ... wait for it... ... ...these tights are actually NAVY BLUE! LOL.. there is clearly not enough light in my bedroom, and I actually went into the hallway (so as not to wake hubby at 5:45am) ... and i thought i checked the color.. but i checked the color against a brown pair of tights... so they look black.. but when i got downstairs to actually take my pic.. i realized that the tights were actually navy blue.. I said, oh well.. i am wearing them anyway.. and I DARE anyone to comment. (which i know they wont..cuz even in the pics, you cant even tell that they are not black) Plus I sit under a desk all day.. surely no one is going under there to


BBM said...

what's wrong with the blue tights??? i think they work... work it girl! :-)

Enchanted Monkey said...

I love that skirt!

I think if I walked into work looking like that, my boss would ask me where Erica is and what have I done with her?

Wow, I hadn't realized how much I have wanted outfits that look put together...

When I am thin, I look great and know what to wear. But, 40 pounds heavier, I have NO CLUE.

This is a fun blog to read! :-)

Totally Inspired said...

Erica, Just try it.. you would be amazed at how much better a few nice clothes will make you feel... and who cares about the size.. buy what looks nice on you!