Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Same coat today

Today's outfit was pretty regular.. I havent worn this shrug/cardi/ blah blah in a long time.. I have no idea why i dont pull it out more. i actually like it. It has a fun color combo although you cant really see it in these pics. the colors are actually - yellow, red and orange. I really need to work on the settings for my camera to get the clarity and the colors to work right. Evanadine gave me the suggestion to take pics in the daylight (that doesnt work for me cuz, i leave home before the sun comes up.. and I get home after the sun has gone down.. maybe in the spring I will be able to get a few daylight shots)

Today's outfit
Yellow short sleeve turtleneck - NY&Co
Brown Slacks - JC Penny
Green argyle short cardi - LaneBryant
Brown Boots - NineWest

This was my attempt at showing you the colors in the sweater.. it didnt work out to well, cuz the flash was to bright .. adn then i tried to adjust the brightness with some program in the computer... I have all this fancy equipment.. and I cant get it to work. I think i need to take a camera class.. (I have been sayign this since i got that fancy new camera, which is really awesome if I couldget it to work for me)...

what do you do to make your pics come out so perfect???? i'm struggling on this one.


BBM said...

Lovin' the yellow with this sweater! Cute, cute!

fromsneakerstostilettos said...

How cute are you!!! I love this look and your blog. I am adding you to my daily reads. Thanks for finding me. :)

Enchanted Monkey said...

I love how you describe your outfits as laid back or plain, etc... meanwhile, I would consider it dressing up! I have decided I need a fashion consultant to pick out my outfits every morning. There is an episode of What Not to Wear on right now that I haven't seen. YAY!

I avoid belts because when I sit, they are uncomfortable...I have never tried wide belts. Are they comfortable??

Totally Inspired said...

Thanks for reading "sneakerstostilettos", i adore your blog too!

Erica, the wide stretchy belt is a "godsend" its not constricting at all.. but i will admit,after 10 hours in anything it can be a little annoying (i work 10 hr days and off one day a week)