Saturday, January 8, 2011

The week in REVIEW

Well I've tried to post all week.. But just getting back to work makes it difficult. I need to get my flow going and get back into the groove of things. Since I did take the pictures.. here they area, all together for the week!
This was my first day back to work after a two week vacation.  The holidays were wonderful and I really enjoyed the relaxing days while I was off. But it was still nice to see all my coworkers when I got back.  I was surprised at how fast the day flew by.. I had 175 emails to read, so that kept me busy.
rose cardi-Macys: black pants-FashionBug: boots-NineWest; red rose necklace-Aldo
This look is inspired by A Pretty Penny oops, it was actually Kendi Everyday. She wore this look as part of her 30 for 30 Remix. I swapped out her fab tweed jacket for a denim jacket.  Just another of my straight to plus looks. Tell me what you think.
How did I do?
(I'll update the link later.. check back tonight or tomorrow)UPDATED on 1/8/2011
brown sweater-Target: denim blazer-Ross: red jeans-from Aunt Rita: boots-Avenue: necklace-from Grandma
Meetings all day today. I wanted to be comfortable. So I grabbed my new dress. I knew this was a great purchase when I got it... and it has pockets! One of my Christmas gifts was a sewing machine. I really may shorten this dress as one of my first projects. Although I am a little intimidated by the sewing machine. I'll conquer it soon!

dress and boots-Avenue: long necklace-from my niece: crown necklace-gift from Hubby
ofcourse I had to represent for my Ravens today! But I have a meeting, so I had to be "business Raven chic"

Ravens tshirt-from Hubby: black pants - Fashion Bug: purple long cardi-Avenue
 And please dont mind those uuuugly boots.  I need a pair of snow boots really bad.  I have been wearing my construction boots everytime it snows. And I've had these boots almost 10 years. YUP.. I dont get much wear out of them.. I had snow boots on my Christmas List, but I think I waited to long to tell Santa. Cuz he already had all my gifts. Oh well..
Here are a few styles that I selected:
I absolutely love this pair. They would be my first choice if I were gonna run out and buy a new pair today!
This is a safe bet. But I dont really like the suede (or faux suede). I dont like it. Thats why UGGS arent on this list. I think they look ugly when they get old. And snow boots are made for snow!
I really think this pair is nice! But I would definitely need a new coat for these babies, lol!
This is just a plain ole regular pair. But I like them.. and they are versatile. Im just not sure if they come up high enough to cover my ankles. That's an important factor in the snow. I dont want to end up with wet socks, lol!
And after all that virtual shopping.. I still might end up getting a $20 pair from Burlington. I dont really wear them that often. And in this case, I need something for function. cuz, baby its cold outside! My aunt bought a pair for my grandma, and I have been searching for them ever since. Imma go out today after work and see what I can find. The weatherman is predicting a few inches of snow next week Tues and Wed. I need to be prepared!

Have a geat weekend!


EvaNadine said...

a suggestions for hemming skirts/dresses/pants if youre sewing-averse (like i am) and dont want to pay for a tailor to do them for you:
head down to your craft store and buy some hemming tape!
pin hem to where you want it to be, turn item inside out, cut needed length of hemming tape, place in the fold of the hem, iron, and VOILA!
i hemmed all of our curtains this way, and im pretty sure i have used it on a skirt or pants or something...its quick and easy!

Melissa said...

Welcome back!

I love all of your outfits this week. Your recreation of Kendi's is perfect!

Hope you find the perfect pair of snow boots to keep your toes warm!