Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Saturday recap ... and TODAY

I went to my book club meeting. We had a nice lunch at a local resturaunt called Bo Brooks. I had been to this place before, so I was a little surprised when none of us enjoyed our meals. I mean, it was edible, but not delicious.  We were all a little disappointed.  However, there was a silver linning. All of the members were there (with the exception of one - hope everyone is feelin better in that house). So we had a full meeting.  Ofcourse the usual folks were late, but that's to be expected. And then we had our annual Christmas Gift Exchange.  I got a lovely silver Dereon bowling style handbag. It was nice and I cant wait to wear it when the season breaks.. this may very well be my Spring bag.. so you'll see it soon enough!
tshirt - Kmart; open cardi - ??; camo skinnies - Dots; necklace - Burlington; boots - Nordstrom
Off to work, and still no shoes. I could not figure out what to put on my feet, so I just took the picture in socks again.  I ended up wearing sneakers (I know... lazy! I think I need to go shoe shopping)

I couldnt believe that I had to change this outfit at the last minute.  Well this is what I changed into. I had another top on this morning... but I had no idea that it didnt fit until I put it on.  I had been looking at that outfit for the last 2 or 3 weeks, and just rolling it over and then this morning, I decided to wear it.. and the poncho top didnt fit.. aauuurrrgh! SO .. I went to this wonderful brown cardi.. a great " go to" work outfit. Im sure you've seen it before.. and Im sure you'll see it again!
twinset - DressBarn; pants - K&G; necklace - NY&Co


Kimberly said...

Loving those camo skinnies!!

misss_e said...

That watch keeps catching my eye. LOL Hello!