Monday, January 3, 2011

December recap (Pics Heavy)

I know I should be doing a 2010 Recap but since I havent posted any of my fashion for the month of December.. I thought I would post.  I have been wearing clothes, lol.  Also, I have been off from work for the past two weeks so my routine was off not to mention all the other stuff going on.

I present to you .. December 2010 Recap:


 This is what Hubby and I wore on Christmas Day. I had on a eShakti dress. I can offer a review at a later date. Hubby has on an Old navy sweater and khaki's from Casual Male.  If you want details of any of my looks, you'll have to leave a comment or email me. I'll be more than happy to offer details to anyone who wants to know!
Some of these looks I liked, others, not so much. But I posted them anyway. I even pulled out my purple velour sweat suit (gift from Aunt Rita) twice in one month. It was easy and I didnt feel like looking for much.

Next up... I'll post my New Year's outfit and details of what I did.. and maybe a 2010 outfit recap too!


BBM said...

there you are! happy new years mrs. hall! thx for sharing these pics. ive missed you!

misss_e said...

Lookin good!