Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yesterday and Today : work weather days

Just a regular work week for me.  I have been pretty low key on the fashion scene this week. Most of my outfits are actually pretty casual. But since its nasty out, Im blaming my fashion sense on the weather.
sweater - Macys; Huby jeans - Fashion Bug; tall riding boots - Avenue
I had to get a little dressed up for a meeting this afternoon. But Im still pretty comfortable.  I need to get out here on the blogosphere, cuz I need some inspiration. What are yall wearing to work in this weather? I'd like to wear more dresses and skirts, but I just cant bring myself to put on a dress or skirt since its so cold.  We'll see .. maybe next week.
red top and pants - Lane Bryant; leopard cardi - Fashion Bug
Nope, im still not wearing shoes in my pic... as long as I have to wear those yucky construction boots in the snow to work, I'll just take my morning pics with no shoes.  Surely my snazzy socks are cuter to look at, lol.

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EvaNadine said...

since we are in the same area, i can share my secrets with you!

first, if i wear tights, i wear 2 pairs. its not nearly as constrictive as it sounds, and it keeps me much warmer!

second, invest in leggings to wear under skirts/dresses. i dont actually have any yet, but if i tuck my gym pants (which i admittedly havent been using for gym purposes this winter) into my boots, you can't tell they arent leggings!

third, i wear a cami under EVERYTHING in the winter. and sometimes i even wear tights under my pants. its all about the layering.

last, when im commuting in a skirt/dress, i wear a pair of thin sweats underneath my skirt for the commute and take them off when i get into the office. it sounds silly (and im sure looks silly to my fellow metro riders) but it keeps me warm and it enables me to keep wearing my skirts and dresses all winter long!

it takes a little more thought and effort to wear those pieces in cold weather, but personally, im not a pants lover, so its worth it to me to make those items work year-round!