Friday, January 28, 2011

I was snowed in.... kind of!

Did ya miss me??
Well I didnt make it to work on Wednesday due to the sleet/snow/icy stuff - So no picture.. and although I made it to work on Thursday.. I had some digging to do in the AM so picture taking wasnt really on my agenda.  
But today - TA-DAAAAA!
I know, nothing exciting. Especially for a Friday. But I have a meeting, so boring Friday it is...
cardi - Ashley Stewart; pants - ??; necklace - my Neice.. who just had a 15th Birthday on Wednesday.... and after all these years, its still snowing on her birthday, lol.  She was born in the Blizzard of 1996.. and that snow comes around every year to celebrate with her.  Hatsy Burfday Bree! Over the weekend, maybe she will let me catch a pic of her and her friends at her sleepover this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Mrs Hall!

I love your style, but ummm... would like you give me your word you will never pull your hair back as a quick an easy fix. I have some neat lil ideas you my like.

NeKo P.

Totally Inspired said...

Thanks NeKo P. I'm interested in your ideas... send me an email so I can see what your talkin 'bout. I would surely rather wear a nice hairdo instead of my regular "snatch back", lol!
- Kameel
Mrs Hall In Training