Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday on Wednesday

There is not much to chat about this week. There are so many changes going on at work, and that can be a little different (difficult) to process. BUT .. Im looking forward to my next vcation... Cancuuun - Here I COOOOOOOME!!! (You will probably be hearing that alot until I get there, lol)
shirt - Old Navy
pants - Ashley Stewart
shoes - Ross
accessories - some random junior's store


Nefertiti said...

jolie tenue tres fraiche ;O)

Eve said...

Hope all is well at work. Cancuun sounds nice. Will you be cruising? Great outfit!

Totally Inspired said...

@Eve - I wont be cruising this time. Its a girlz trip! We are staying at a resort this time. And I am really excited.