Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Recap

It doesnt happen often, but I actually liked most of the pics that I took this weekend.
I went to a cookout. My friend that I am going to Cancun with had a cookout for her boyfriend. They have a mean cookout each year and the food is sooo good!! mm mm mmmm!

tunic - FashionBug
denim leggins - LaneBryant
shoes - Ross
bag - Coach Outlet
floral bib necklace - Avon
Hubby wore this. He was smelling good, and looking good too! Those are Prada shoes on the feet. (His stylist is awesome, lol)

SUNDAY, was pretty rainy in Baltimore. I just chilled in the house and planned my day for today. I have a gazillion errands to run.
TODAY, and I got them all done. Except one.. and I still need to make some calls tomorrow, but for the most part. I had a really productive day. In today's fashion - I couldnt decide how I wanted to pull off this look. So I switched it up slightly a few times.. tell me what you think.

tshirt - Hubby's closet
skinny jeans - Lane Bryant
vest - Lane Bryant Outlet
shoes - Stein Mart (Memphis, TN)
accessories - all over the place


Courtney said...

I LOVE that tunic on you! It flatters your shape so well.

Loving The Reflection

Renée T. Bouchard said...

I love how happy you always look in your photos- you have a beautiful and infectious smile!

As for the last outfit, I think that a neutral shoe is the way to go instead of the bright green. With all those fabulous accessories, they make quite a statement, but then the bold shoe competes to be the fun "pop" in the outfit. Just my opinion. :) I'd switch out the shoe for something black or a neutral metallic and then pile on the accessories up top. As for the vest, I like it buttoned, but I might try just the center button done and the other two open- it's a little more casual.

Ok, you probably didn't want all that advice! I'll stop now! lol

The Lane Bryant Team said...

You look great...and the hubby does too (:

The Lane Bryant Team

Eve said...

I'm loving that white fashionbug top, it does make your waist look mad small. I need one of those!

Your vest, I think looks so cool left open without the white pears, that's hot. Looks kind of rockish.

It's really cool when you show your hubs outfits too, I'm always on the lookout for ideas for my hubs. I vote to make your hubs a regular blog feature! :D

Totally Inspired said...

Thanks Yall :)
That tunic looks so much better in pics. Cuz in person it makes me look preggo... so I dont wear it often. Actually, I have one in pink too.

I was definitely channelling my "inner rocker chick" with the vest look. @Renee - No green shoes.. really?? I thought they went so well with the little green in the tshirt.. but then again there is alot going on with this outfit. Thanks for the advice. Its all good! @Eve - I might agree, I guess I could have left the pearls out.. less is more sometimes.

Thanks again everyone!

QueenDiva said...

you look both outfits... and lane bryant commented... NICE!!!

Pretty Fearless said...

Love the looks. Such imagination.

Dannie said...


I love when you wear your makeup...nicely applied!

No Clown Face Over Here! LOL

thickandsassy said...

I really like your 2nd outfit. Its funky but casual