Thursday, August 19, 2010

BFF earrings : Day 2

My BFF is really going to get me when she sees me..Cuz I am seriously rubbing it in about her leaving these earrings at my house (u like that post title, dont cha!, lol). But I agree with Beth's comment from yesterday.. "if they leave it at my house it is ALWAYS mine, until their next visit ..." I have to agree with that one.. lol

white tshirt - OldNavy
skirt - Lane Bryant
cardi (what do u call this thing?) - DressBarn
shoes - Avenue
necklace - NY&Co
earrings - The BFF


Nefertiti said...

tenue tres tres sympa,j aime bcp la version avec la ceinture,tres classe ;O)

bonne soiree

BBM said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the vest with the belt ... workin it as usual babe! ;-)

QueenDiva said...

Love love love this look... only thing I would change is wear it with some higher heels... but that's just me... hehe

Jeneca Luckey said...

cute outfit! :o) i like your second pic w/o the belt better. i think the belt was in competition with the skirt. and what about calling your "cardi" an open front vest? i love those, they're great for layering.

Totally Inspired said...

Thanks Ladies
@Diva - Maybe if I wasnt going to work I woulda rocked a slightly higher heel.. I think that would look better too.
@Jeneca - YES! "open cardi" Thats what its called.