Monday, August 30, 2010

Excuse the mess.. and what a weekend..

Sorry for all this mess in my pics. I am preparing for my Aunt's 50th Birthday party.. and I did some thank you bags for another birthday party.. so my living room floor is a mess (and Hubby doesnt like it one bit)

Today I had to get go to work (monday's are usually my day off) for a meeting. But I am outta there at noon!
dress - Rainbow
shoes - Kmart
I met Cousin Nikki to do some shopping for our aunt's 50th bday party. Cousin Nikki was looking like a "fox" so I had to take her pic.

Hubby and I had dinner at this little resturaunt in Mount Washington. Cute.. this is a pic of the funky little block that it was on.

I did some shopping with the besties!
My shopping outfit
top -OldNavy
skirt - Avenue
shoes- Avenue
BFF shopping outfit
tank -old
dress - NY&Co
shoes - ??
After shopping.. I went with the other bestie to see her son play his first football game of the season. Im not really a fan of football, but I am surely a fan of all her children - so I was there in total support.. yelling and everything. Rashaad Ross #31 for the Overlea Orangemen!!!!

Back to the mall to get some school shirts for my little cousin. That was a short erand, cuz I was in and out of there.

dress - Ross
vest - Avenue
belt - Avenue
shoes - Payless
Then that night ... I went with the Bestie to the Rock the Bells Concert. BFF Yolanda wanted to see her favorite star of the moment - Ms Lauryn Hill!
Concert Outfit
dress - Ross
tank - Lane Bryant
accessories - Avenue
shoes - Macys
BFF Concert Outfit
dress - Lane Bryant
shoes - Fashion Bug

The place was packed at the Merriweather Post Pavillion. we saw KRS One, Tribe Called Quest .. and then ...

After hours of waiting, Ms Lauryn finally came out.

Her style was a little - homeless, urban, hobo chic! Not my style, but I could see adding a few of her pieces into my rotation. And she always rocks the NY fitted hat.

and for her finale - She brought out NAS.. I was defintely a little hype about that!


Pretty Fearless said...

I am Lauryn Hill's biggest fan. Her album "The education of Lauryn Hill" is still in heavy rotation in my car. Thanks for the photos. Also, I gotta go to Ross and find that vest. You put together the best outfits.

JIN said...

Oh my gosh you got to see Lauryn??? I live for her

Maria said...

I've been looking for a dress like the one you got from Rainbow. I haven't been in that store for years, but it looks like they're getting better clothes lately. You look so cute in it. I also really like the last dress from Ross. It's a very fun and bright print, and it looks perfect on you!

Eve said...

What a cute block where the resturaunt was. Sunday's outfits where the Bomb! Your cousin looked cute too, I like her grey handbag and shoes. Real treat to see Lauryn Hill these days. Such an amazing voice she has!