Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mind Control : Left ... or ... Stolen

Last night my BFF came over and we laughed all evening as usual. I swear that chick is the funniest person that I know.. well anyway, before she left I said "Dont forget your earrings or I will be wearing them on the blog tomorrow." Oh she reminded.. "those are my favorite and only earrings, I wont be forgetting them." Well, guess whose earrings I have on today!!! HHAAAAHHHAAA.. YEAAAA!!! I got "mind control" over that chic. She "left" the earrings.. but then I "stole" them to wear today. And I will be wearing them until she comes to get them (or until I see her for our Cancun trip).
I think these are some of the cutest pair of gold earrings that I have seen in a long time. They are the perfect thickness, and they have a cute design on the edges that you cant really see in the pics below.
gold hoop earrings - left by my BFF
denim tunic - Burlington Coat Factory
leggins - Lane Bryant
striped tank - Lane Bryant
shoes - Shoes Got Sole (giveaway winner)


Dannie said...

LOL..that was funny! And you really are rocking them joints like they are yours!

HA HA!!!

Beth said...

Anything left behind is ALWAYS mine until their next visit- that is why I serve my guests so much wine. te he