Friday, August 20, 2010

BFF earrings : Day 3

Yup, Im still smiling today because I have on my BFF's earrings.. but it wont last for long. We leave for Cancun at the weee-hours of the morning on Sunday (really Saturday nite), So I will have to pass them back then.. However, until then.. Imma wear these earrings. I have a cute outfit planned for them tonight and tomorrow, lol.
tank - LaneBryant
cardi - Lane Bryant Outlet
denim capris - JCPenny (maybe?)
shoes - ??
necklace - some Junior store
earrings - BFF collection, lol
Tonight my lil cousin is having her 21st Birthday Party at a Lounge. Imma try to stop by to give her some birthday wishes.. so we'll see.. If I do.. I will surely post a few pics for ya!


Eve said...

Great outfit Kameel. I like the earrings, but they go great with the necklace, so maybe you have to give up the necklace too :D

Have a fun time.

Maria said...

wow, you look so cute!

Also, thanks for your advise. You're definitely right about giving him his own space to unwind. I'm really going to have to work on that. I need more hobbies, lol.