Thursday, August 12, 2010

I think my camera is angled strange because it makes my legs look short. Well, my legs are short, but the camera angle is not straight ahead. Imma spend some time this weekend playing with my "angles" lol.
shirt -Old Navy
jeans - AshleyStewart
necklace - junior shop
crown necklace - gift from Hubby


Nefertiti said...

quel peps`!

ca,c est de la couleur,tu es rayonnante ;O)

misss_e said...

Those jeans are from Ashley Stew? Hmmmm gonna have to check it out!

Pretty Fearless said...

I'm still working on my angles. Gotta get that new tripod. Asked my husband to take some photos of me. They were worse than the ones I took with the timer. ha ha

Eve said...

Really nice top that is! Your legs don't look too short :D