Thursday, July 5, 2012

As he grows - 10 months

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Ten Months
Weight: more than 20 pounds
Diaper Size: 3
Drinks: 4-7oz at each feeding; Ryan still likes to eat. And he has a variety of things at daycare. Ms Jennifer is always trying something new. She cant wait for his top teeth to come in so she can try some chicken..Ryan has had chicken adn turkey at home already.
Wearing: 12 months (and he should be wearing some 18 months too)

Ryan has two bottom teeth and the top tooth is coming in. Ryan took his first airplane ride and saw his first firework show. The airplane ride was rocky (he is not a "lap child" Ryan needs a seat!) and he only saw the first 10 minutes of the show before he fell asleep. At bedtime, Ryan likes to snuggle with Mommy while he drinks his bottle.  Mommy then reads a book and says their prayers. Ryan is good at falling right off to sleep (sometimes after he talks for a few minutes)
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

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