Thursday, February 2, 2012

Get ready to Switch!

So I hear (and see and read) that there is a BUZZ around the blogosphere!!! ...
Google is getting rid of "Google Friend Connect",  [Well thanks Google. You know we dont like change.]
But what does that mean????
Well, if you are following me with Google Friend Connect, You wont get any updates, so you will have to follow using some other platform., ie BlogLovin or GooglePlus, etc. 

I'll send out a newsletter to everyone, because I would surely like to keep all of my wonderful readers!!! (although, I think some of you are stalkers, like my sister, who never comment on my blog posts .. I SEEEEEE YOUUUUUU!!  ..  I still appreciate you and want you to stay connected.)

Here is today's post:
I think I wore these boots everyday last winter.  But this is my first time wearing them this winter. 
 cardi, tank, skirt-LB; boots-Avenue; necklace-gift from BookClub Holiday Exchange
Remember that cute post from my BookClub meeting, well we had our annual gift exchange at that meeting.  I had no idea what I was going to get because I didnt put much on my list.  I know I put lottery scratch off tickets, lol. (I didnt get any).  BUT, I did get some gorgeous jewelry!!! This necklace is one of those pieces.  It has a matching bracelete, but Im not really a matching kind of person, so I'll wear that for another occassion.  But isnt this a gorgeous neck-piece?  I cant wait to wear it with the perfect black dress where it can be properly showcased as the regal neck-piece that it is..

Have you seen this cutie lately???? He is Five Months Old! We took pics last night at The Picture People.  He needed to get his passport photos, cuz we are going to Bermuda in April!!!These pics were an added bonus :)

Plus .. he slept alll night in his room last night!! WHOOOO HOOOOO!! Awesome.. I slept so good, I was late for work, lol.


Jayla said...

I had no idea that they were getting rid of friend connect. I am on blog lovin, fashiolista and a number of other networks-THANKFULLY!

Taylor said...

OMG so cute! (I was talking about your cardi but... your son is pretty adorable too.) That necklace is amazing! I don't have anything like that in my arsenal but I'll be looking for something now!