Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Love Holiday

Hubby and I didnt have any big plans for Valentine's Day.  He brought dinner home, which was perfect for me.  Im not really a fan of long waits, expensive and over priced pre fix menus.  Id much rather go out the next week or the weekend before like we did out little getaway in DC.  now my views are nothing against those who wish to do differently. I did get my usual bouquet of lovely flowers.. and some beauuutiful cards.  And Ryan got me a cards and a huge reese cup! I loved it all!
top-OldNavy; jeans-JCPenney; jacket-Avon
and I changed up the hair for ya, lol

My friend (and coworker) Jamaica looked really cute for Valentine's Day. She went to brunch with her Hubby and then they went out to dinner later that evening.  She got this dress for Christmas and its reaaaaally cute. But there are a few challenges with the dress.. its corduroy! Which means its not really an all seasons dress, but at the same time its a halter which lends itself to summer.  So she paired the dress with a turtleneck and boots. Lovely indeed! I think she did a great job.

top-Express, dress and belt-Anthropologie; boots-NineWest
And Ryan was all decked out for the "love holiday" too! (sorry, I couldnt get it to flip, douh!)

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