Friday, February 3, 2012

Have u ever ...?

Have you ever seen a store advertisement and said "I have to have that shirt" And then when you get to the store the shirt cost $59.95 or $69.95. And you are like "really, for this shirt ... its a sweatshirt for goodness sake"

Well thats what happened with this top / sweatshirt. And since Im an excellent shopper.. I had a $80 gift checque AND a coupon, so I scored this shirt and two pair of jeans (that I need to sxchange size) for maybe $30 or something like that!!!! SCOOOOOORE!
 top-LB; black denim jeggins-JCPenney; Boots-Avenue; bracelet-Bookclub Gift Exchange

I really like this top.  I wish I had on a better "foundation" but with the nursing, this is what I have to go with sometimes, lol. But the details are so sweet. Thats what really sold me on the top. When I went to the store they didnt even know what shirt I was talking about.. I guess ppl arent really checking for it.

Another thing I like is a 'Black and Brown' combo.  I also like 'Navy and Black' too (or black and blue).  I remember in High School, I would NEVER mix any of these colors. But now, there is somthing about a neutral palete color combo that I really like.  Its classic.
 This is the bracelet that I talked about in yesterday's post.  It matches exactly the gift exchange necklace from my bookclub member.  Lovely, indeed!

Tonight I get to see BFF Courtney - I have a special gift for her.. i cant wait for her to see it, lol.  OH, and she is one of my "blog stalkers" too. I forgot to mention her along with my sister.. they are funny. They read my blog and then send me emails about the posts.. Cute!
Im just glad they are reading.. And Im glad you're reading too!
Have a Great Weekend!

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Toya said...

New York & Co has a really cute boat neck sweat shirt in the traditional gray, and I had to have it and it is so cute. I can wear sneakers or cute wedges.