Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last week in Love

This is a roundup of my outfits for the last week of February - the month of Love!
Monday : I had a doctor's appointment for Ryan's 6 month check-up.  So look who was sitting there looking at the camera, lol. I just couldnt crop him out :)
sweater, tank, tights - LB; skirt-Burlington
 Tuesday : Back to the Grind.  Work flow.
sweater-elloqui; scarf-gifted; pants-?
 Wednesday: We gained an extra day in February. Happy Leap Year Day!
cardi-FashionBug; tank-LB; pants-K&G; jewelry-gifted

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L. Michelle Tatum said...

Are you standing awkwardly? It's almost like you're Jolie-ing :)