Thursday, February 23, 2012

Its his Half Birthday!!! - As he grows - 6 months

do you remember the earthquake??? well I surely do. It was exactly six months ago.. and this is my little blessing to prove it:

Six Months Old
Weight:hmmm, docts appt is on Monday... Ill repost later
Diaper Size: 2 (and a few 1s here and there)
Drinks: 5-6oz at each feeding; eating rice cereal for breakfast and a meal for lunch and then another meal for dinner. We are about to increase the bottle amount and we may go to formula too. Up to this point, Ryan has been drinking solely breastmilk (bottle fed and nursing)
Wearing: 3-6 months

Ryan is flipping around (front to back and then back to front), holding his bottle, and sleeping through the night (from 8:30p or 9:30p to 5:30a).  He loooves to eat all the good food that mommy cooks for him. So far, we have tried - sweet potatoe, banana, apples, pears, peas, green beans and avacado.  The avacado didnt go over to well, but he will eat the peans and green beans IF they are mixed with a sweet fruit or veggie like banana.  Once we pulled out the high chair, feeding has been going veeery well! Ryan loves eating.  He has started to show more of his personality and he likes being held. He likes when Mommy and Daddy talk to him too. He has started to recognize both mommy and daddy voices. Ryan is planning a cruise vacation in April, so he got his first passport!! Exciting! 

Oh yea, and this is me!
I wish I had stayed home with my sweetie cuddlebug today, but I had a meeting. Oh well, gotta make the doughnuts.
I hear that in some cultures people really celebrate their "half birthday" especially if their birthday falls in the summer. Becasue the half birthday will be during school time and then peers can celebrate. I might really incorporate this tradition.


EvaNadine said...

i never heard of the "half birthday" until i was in college -- and then i always wanted to celebrate it because my birthday is in freezing-cold winter and i ALWAYS wanted a pool party to celebrate my birthday. guess i was a little backwards. ;)

Taylor said...

Heyo, it's my half-birthday too! (Except... I am 31 years older than your little man.) Happy day to him and his mama! He is the cutest.