Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Orange you glad

Who's there .. Banana
Banana who? - "Orange" u glad your not a Banana?

So here is another sweater from my eloquii haul. I had to return this and get a bigger size, which I think fits nicely!

I styled it very similar (ok, its the same) as the model.  
I really like the sweater, its light weight, not really a sweater for the cold of winter.  And since its light, it makes for a great layering sweater and transition sweater into the Spring and Fall when temps are nice.

As for my other items:
 They were sold out of these sweaters in my size.. but they sent the tanks. Im going to return them.

And this came in the mail, but Im not sure I want to keep it. I mean, its a nice sweater, fits well. But I never really "loved" the color.  I was trying something new.. and now that I have it, Im not sure how to style it. I know its a classic piece, so I could always were khaki pants, or denim skirt, or jeans, .. any  other ideas??? Maybe I'll keep it.

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