Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend of Love

Hubby and I went to Washington, DC for an overnight getaway. I had purchased a hotel night at the website Sniqueaway (very good deals) just for the Valentine's Day occassion.  Auntie Yolanda kept the little man for us.

So we got up early on saturday and took Ryan to swim class (the last class, awwwwlll, and Im not sure if I will sign up again). The when class was over we dropped off Ryan and went to DC for our getaway.  On the way, Hubby and I stopped to get gas and we were feeling lucky, so we bought $30 in lottery scratch offs ... we won $2!! (boooo.... we wanted to win the major prize)

When we got to DC, we were staaarrving. But we checked in to a lovely hotel room at The Dupont Circle Hotel.. Niiiiice!
 The room was quaint, but really nice.  The bathroom had heated floors which is a nice luxury.

sweater and jeans - LB
After checking in, we grabbed some lunch at KramersBooks & Afterwards.  The atmosphere was lively and colorful.  The food was ok. Ive had better, but the experience was nice. And there were some really fun books there too. We laughed sooo hard at a book that explained hiphop lyrics... fuuunnnyyy! We even bought Ryan a few new books for his library. 

After lunch, we grabbed a taxi and went over to the Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial.

Oh what an awesome place.  The atmosphere is so peaceful and welcoming. Everyone there is truly inspired and in awe of the great things that Dr King has done. Its a silent hush around the memorial.  Oh what a wonderful experience... and then the snow came!

We had planned to take taxi over to Georgetown, but the snow started in huuuuuge flakes! So we headed back over to the hotel, and started happy hour early at the bar in the hotel. Its a really trendy sopt.  I wish we had our brunch there. But what we had for our afternoon snack was deliciosus! Tempura shrimp, french fries with gravy and drinks. mm mm mmmmm!

Then we relaxed before the evening

That evening, we went to dinner at Grillfish DC. As Im getting dressed, I realize that I left my shoes home. Oh well, that wasnt going to ruin my fun!

Excuse the crazy eyes, lol
Tell the truth - you are feeling my curly hair look! Im loving it.. i think this may be my new vacation hair. But my son kept pulling at it. Im not sure how much he likes it, lol
Outfit : shirt-LB; skirt-Avenue
I just grabbed my sneakers and kept it moving.  We had a great time at dinner.  The drinks and appetizers were great.  The entree was ok, but we could have just skipped and went to dessert. The next day, we woke up, grabbed some brunch and went back home to out little man.  I never really understod why people would go away for one night, but after our evening, I coud understand. It was a nice time with just each other.  I love that man!

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Andie said...

Looks like y'all had a great time!
btw- if you can, get a copy of the dvd of the hungry caterpillar and other stories- we put it on the tv for Andrew and he just gets so excited over it! It's perfect for when you are trying to get a few things done around the house! :)