Monday, June 13, 2011

WHAT??? on a Monday

.. yeaaa, I took a few hours off on friday, so I had to come in to work on a Monday (my usual day off).  But its all good because I got to get a pedicure and I had a nice early dinner with my sorority sister Dee. She came down on the train for the evening just to hang out with me.  Hubby was a little jealous, but I brought him a nice goody bag home.. that just made him want to be invited to the dinner even more because the food was deeelish!

Ok, so today, I have my little cousin's graduation when I leave work. And I hope its not to hot.
dress-Rainbow Plus; shrug-LaneBryant
I spent the weekend in Childbirth Classes.  And I finally got the nursery painted.  I cant wait to show you the big reveal. 
dress-OldNavy Maternity (from my coworker)
Nevermind this crazy hair on my head...
and now for a Nursery "Sneak Peak"

Im so excited!!!


I BLEED PINK said...
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I BLEED PINK said...

These dresses are all so pretty!