Thursday, June 9, 2011

Coulda Been a Bad Hair Day

So I did pin curl my hair last night. But it doesnt really look like it in these pics.  I dont think that my camera is really capturing my "good hair side" lol.  At any rate, I do like it better that yesterday.
tunic-FashionBug; denim leggins-Loop 18
I think my tunic is shrinking, lol.. and I think I may need to invest in some capri leggings.  Any ideas on where I can go?? I'd like a black pair and a denim pair. Both of my leggings are long but since Im in the office all day (eventhough the outside temps are near 100 degrees) its not to bad.  They actually keep my legs warm while in the office with the AC going (Thank God for AC... my friend Martha said that her office cuts off the AC around 2p or 3p during high temp days to conserve energy... ARE U KIDDING ME????  I couldnt even imagine having the AC cut off on some of the hottest days of the year)

The weekend ahead should be pretty eventful.  My Aunt Rita is painting the nursery on Satruday and Sunday.  I'll be sure to make a full post about the transformation.  Its bound to be remarkable.  And Hubby and I have our Childbirth Classes at the hospital on Saturday and Sunday.  There is also a barbque on Sunday for my high school, but Im not sure I will make that, especially if its hot outside.. they can forget it.  I will be home putting a crib together and decorating.


L. Michelle said...
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L. Michelle said...

Kameel, you have made pregnancy look absolutely gorgeous! I realy like this look. I know you aren't particularly plus sized, but have you checked Lane Bryant and the Avenue for leggings? They may still have some hanging around. Actually now that I think about it, I saw some at LB the other day for $9.99. So check them out.

Also, make sure to take pics of the nursery! I can't wait to see it!!!