Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chilly but Nice

It was a little chilly on my morning drive into work.  Im not complaining, just making an observation.
top-Avenue; jean capris-Motherhood; necklace and watch - Gifts from Hubby; bracelets-Cancun
Today was an experiment in wearing my regular clothes.  I've been doing well so far, but today, I may have chosen a shirt that wasnt up for the challenge.  I think I'll make it through the day, but you may not see much more of this shirt until next summer, lol.  Im not sure that Baby Hall will be able to fit into it later on :)
 I thought I would offer a peak at my profile.  The top part of my belly is all baby!  I think that is where he is hiding :)

The graduation for my little cousin was really nice.  The graduates were all so well spoken as they gave their speeches to the class and audience. I wasnt surprised at all, I was elated to see such poise.  And just as much, I was so proud of my cousin Tanika.  She is such a sweet and hard working young lady.  Im sure that she will accomplish all of her goals.  She is off to New York City this summer to start NYU in the fall.  She has a strong support system and we all showed up (and showed out) for her graduation yesterday!
Proud Parents! Tanika's mom is my father's sister - Aunt Celeste.
She has beauty and brains.. this chick towers over me, lol!

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