Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today with a weekend recap

Well its another beautiful day in the neighborhood.  But expect this week to be a scorcher.  Have I mentioned that Im not really a fan of hot weather. Personally, I much prefer the cold.  I feel like, you can always get warm (with layers and heat ofcourse).. but sometimes getting cool is a major task.

Luckily the weather held up nicely this weekend cuz Hubby and I had a bunch of events to attend.  A few little rain showers, but that was no big deal. 
Here is today's outfit.. and a recap of the weekend.
dress and shoes - Ross (North Carolina); earrings - Miami; necklace - first gift from Hubby (boyfriend at the time, lol)
I spent the day at doctors appointments.  I had a sonogram and Baby Hall weighs in at 3 pounds and 9 ounces.  So he is doing really well.  I havent forgotten about my preggo produce pics.  I just never seem to get to the market to get the produce, lol.  But Im gonna try again this week.  Its only a cabbage!
top-JC Penney; capris-Motherhood; necklace-Mother's Day gift from Hubby :)
Hubby and I had a packed day. We went to a housewarming and a baby shower. 
tunic-Motherhood; leggins-LaneBryant; shoes-Avenue; necklace-gift from Martha
First up was a housewarming for the daughter (Stacey) of one of my book club members, Dawn. She had a cutest studio apartment and it was nice and clean for our visit, lol.  Im sure she keeps it that way.
Never mind me slumped on the couch.  And thats Jackie next to me.  Stacey got some nice gifts for her new home.
And this is the lovely picture that I gave to Stacey so she could spice up her walls :)

Next up was a baby shower for one of Hubby's friends.
The shower was filled with dancing and good food. Yea, they played a few games, but I thought the line dancing was teh highlight of the event.  We left a little early so we didnt get to see all the gifts, but the couple had a nice spread.
I had a great time with my friend Martha for her "Baby Sprinkle" I thought that was an adorable name.  There was definitely good food ... Hubby went too, and the food was the highlight for him.
 Me, Martha's mom, and Martha. 
Yup, Marth is really popping out there.  She is due July 4, which is just around the corner for her.

 The cake was deeeeelish!!!! and Martha got some really ncie gifts, a few of which I had to add to my registry after seeing them at her shower, lol. Oh, and the games - we had a ball.  I tied twice with another of the guest on guessing Martha's belly size. Then we measured Martha's husband's belly.  The other guest and I tied again.. I let her have the prize.  Imma good sport, lol.  We just had a good time. Oh, and thats Martha's adorable some Micah in the forground of the pics.  He was able to take home a gift too. 


Nefertiti said...

ta premiere robe est magnifique ;O)

Renée T. Bouchard said...

I love that first dress so much! The color is awesome! How have you been feeling lately? I hope you've been feeling good and your little "bun in the oven" is doing well! :)