Friday, June 3, 2011

Lovely Day

I felt like singing Bill Withers - Lovely Day all the way to work this morning. It was indeed a lovely day.  The weather was wonderful with a cool breeze and the sun shining bright.  I just smiled and Thanked God for a Lovely Day!
skirt-LaneBryant; top-Target; shoes-Avenue; necklace-Tiffany's
I have another weekend of babyshowers. One of which is for my friend Martha.  She is having a baby girl (can you imagine.. in this - the season of baby boys, lol .. but she has a big brother, so Im sure he will take good care of her).  The other shower is for one of Hubby's friends.  Im not even sure that we will make that shower.  And since Im not in charge, I will leave that up to Hubby to decide.

Have a Lovely weeeknd everyone!!


Garichild said...

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh can't wait to see you guys but just remembered that I haven't figured out what I'm wearing?!?!?! Yikes...Gonna have to go thru your blog for tips on how to look fab while preggo, expect to see a copycat!

Pretty Fearless said...

You look great and you do actually glow. Your good mood has made my day. Thank you.