Thursday, June 2, 2011

Broken Card - Update

Yesterday I had on what I thought was a cute outfit. I was all decked out for yet another meeting, this time in the sweltering heat. BUT .. just after I took the picture, and was about to throw the card in the bag... it broke!!! Yup, with all my pictures from the entire year (actually since Christmas last year).
Luckily when I got the card home, Hubby was able to take the pictures off the card... so I might be able to show you what I wore....

However, in the meantime, here is what I wore today.
skirt, cardi and tank - Lane Bryant; shoes-Macys; necklaces-Avenue
UPDATE - 6/3/2011
Here is the picture that I wanted to show from the broken camera card.  I was "givin it to them" in the meeting.
 skirt - Avenue; tshirt-OldNavy; necklace-Burlington; jacket-Macys

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misss_e said...

I like this skirt...its so versatile!