Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

Just a normal day at work. Nothing fancy. But I was so ready for the weekend. The weather was awesome, but I didnt even get a chance to go out there.  I knew that if I went out there, I wasnt coming back in cuz the weather was so nice.  I did run out for lunch. And had some good laughs with my coworkers.
shirt adn skirt - Avenue; necklace - Burlington
I had a blast celebrating my sorority sister, Christina's Birthday.
dress - NY&Co; leggins and jean jacket - Lane Bryant; clogs - Florida; necklace - Burlington
We had lunch at a local Mediterranean Resturaunt in a quant neighborhood.  It was a really nice treat.
 We posed out in front of the resturaunt.  Me, Chrissy (The Birthday Girl) and Trina.
Trina and I posed for a pic in the resturaunt.
After lunch, the owner explained to Chrissy that when she finished her coffee, you could have an elderly woman read your fortune from the designs in the cup.  Basically there was this sludge that coated the bottom of the cup. Chrissy had to empty the sludge and when it dried inside the cup, there were different characters - fish, bears, etc. Each meaning something different.  Interesting. We didtn have an elderly woman to tell her fortune, but I could see a few images in the cup, lol.

Good times!!!

Nothing exciting. I had to go to work for a training.. on my day off. But thats cool.  And then I had lunch with Hubby.  I was so tired, I went home and took a 3 hour nap.  I didnt get a thing done in the house like I wanted to. Oh well, maybe next week.

 tshirt-OldNavy; jeans-from a coworker; grey cardi - Ashley Stewart

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