Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Preggo Produce

Week 19:
Another week of progress for LeeLee's growth.  This week LeeLee is the size of an heirloom tomato weighing in at 8.5 oz and measures 6 inches from head to rump.  Im sure this is not an heirloom tomato, but it was the largest one I could find in the market. Next week we will find out what the sex of LeeLee really is. Anyone wanna take guesses??? Leave a comment below.
dress-DressBarn; tights-WeLoveColor
I added a pop of color to this outfit by adding tights and I think it was a perfect addition.  Plus the color matches exactly!


I BLEED PINK said...

I am SO BEHIND on my blogging reading. I am so excited for you guys!! Woo Hoo to your little tomato!!

L. Michelle said...

I am thinking a boy, but I would love to see you with a cute little baby girl!!!

Andie said...

I am guessing a girl since I am having a boy! :)

JIN said...

I think I may join you with this fruit idea - it's so cute - I recently found out I'm pregnant as well...I'm only in my 9th week, so it's a tiny little thing, but I love this idea! Best of luck to you - you look beautiful as usual :)

Sarah R said...

I'm going to say girl also!