Friday, March 4, 2011

Surprises Already!!

Hubby sent a message to my work friend, Jamaica, and asked her to get me a cake and have a party for me for my birthday.  They really surprised me and I was totally shocked!!
 Strawberry Shortcake from Whole Foods.. deeeelish!
 Me coming in the door.
I thought I was going to a real meeting.  My supervisor had come to get me and everything. HAAAA HAAA... the joke was on me! And we had a good laugh.

 I was really surprised and grateful to my friends for pulling this together. My Husband is the sweetest Man I know.  I Thank God for him every day! .. funny - all the men in the office said that Hubby was really raising the bar for them, but they all liked the look of fun, love, surprise and excitement on my face.. so they wanted to do something special for their wives.. Now thats a nice birthday gift. Pay it forward!


QueenDiva said...

AWWW!!! Happy birthday... now I want strawberry shortcake from whole foods too!! :)
Diva in Deep Thought

Maria said...

How sweet! Happy birthday!

Jetoi said...


Sarah R said...

Happy Birthday! (and I own that same shirt, lol)