Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Preggo Produce

Monday made 18 weeks, in the growth of our little LeeLee. The baby should be measuring about 5.5 inches and weigh in at 7 ounces.  Im still not sure that I am getting the right size fruit, cuz the ones that I have carefully selected with care for my preggo produce pics (lol), look a little large to me.. But if they say so.. Im going with it.
cardi-Torrid, tshirt-OldNavy, jeans-Motherhood

Tuesday - work day.
I dont really have a busy week this week at work.  I have a few presentations to work on and I have one or two meetings. But other than that, Im just waiting for the weather to break by the end of the week... here come the 70's!!! wooo-hooo!!!
dress-from my coworker (Motherhood); cardi and tights-Avenue

You are finally able to see my "baby bump" a little.  But its there and growing nice and strong.  I feel like my bump shows more when I wear certain outfits. But everyone at work swears they can see it every day.  I also, think that my bump is camoflauged in my daily pics, but thats because I have gotten good at hiding my regular belly. (lol)


Renée T. Bouchard said...

Love your bright pink tights! And the print on that dress is great! Have an awesome day!

Sarah R said...

I think you look lovely! And congrats on the baby! My husband and I have been wanting another baby but oh so discouraged since I am plus sized as well and the comments...oh, it drives me crazy. Has anyone gotten rude with you? I pray not.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the baby!!! I have two sons! REST while you can because once the baby is here your life is OVER! JK but seriously you r sleep pattern will never be the same.


C said...

Gigantic congrats!